Aman Anuraj

Tulips and Reflection

One of my shots from the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, WA.

The Dreamy Snakes

I'd been putting up a lot of architecture recently so I decided to process a photo of Rattlesnake Lake completely different from what I usually do and went for a more...unusual look. Feel free to tell me what you guys think!

A Louvre Ripoff?

William H. Gates Hall at Night (University of Washington Law School) I was done with a rather long day of shooting and heading back home when I remembered I'd forgotten to shoot this at blue hour. Decided to run and take a few quick shots just in case. The funky sky is actually *all natural*. It happens pretty frequently in Seattle (just overexpose by 1 or 2 and you'll see). I was told "The orange color in the sky is light reflected from sodium vapor lamps; this is more noticeable when there are low clouds" which makes sense given Seattle is perennially overcast. Thanks to Saurabh Jha for the explanation!

The Sapphire City?

A 'Sapphire' Emerald City (Seattle) during twilight/blue hour. Taken from the excellent location, Pier 66 facing Downtown.

Downtown Vancouver

A view of Downtown Vancouver and the BC Place Stadium from False Creek at night.

The Harry Potter Room

Reading Room at Suzzallo Library, University of Washington

The Great Stables

The Great Stables of the city of Fatehpur Skri. Held horses, near Birbal's House. Beautiful symmetry.

Blazing Seattle

A beautiful fall Sunset in Seattle! Part of a series of some old photos I took a while ago that I recovered recently.

A Zen Garden

So I'd heard of the Japanese Gardens ages ago, and finally went the other day. Tell me what you guys think.

Sunset at Rosario Beach

From a day trip to Deception Pass State park. It was one of the better sunsets I've seen in a while. Once again, thanks to Johan Melis for his infinite patience with me during the trip while I went about doing my thing! (P.S. - Thanks Sree for the editing advice.)